As a proud American, Michelle will always demand:


-Housing for all homeless veterans

-Additional services for veterans who have been in combat and their families

-Lower barriers to veterans receiving quality care in their own communities

Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform


As a former law enforcement officer, Michelle believes we need to: 


- Make pay equitable and standardized pay for Law Enforcement Officers

-Demilitarize the police

-End qualified immunity

-End cash bail for petty offenses and misdemeanors

-Create a national registry of abusive cops

-Increase police training on mental health and community wellness

-Make sure police officers get mental health care themselves




As a lifelong North Carolinian, Michelle knows it's time to:


-Create economic opportunities in Black communities

-Create economic opportunities in rural communities

-Give tax incentives for U.S. businesses to bring jobs back from overseas

-Expand broadband access in poor and rural communities





As a passionate environmentalist and former National Park Ranger, Michelle will fight for: 


-Clean Water

- A low carbon future, working toward net zero emission targets

-Incentives for companies to set net zero targets

-Agricultural industry reform




As a daughter and a sister, Michelle will bring legislation to ensure:


-Ensure access to mental healthcare resources in all communities

-Equal access to quality healthcare for everyone 

-Greater access to maternal healthcare

-That Big Pharma is held responsible for their continued contribution to the opiate addiction crisis

-Mental healthcare expansion, because prisons shouldn’t be the largest provider of mental healthcare in this country

Second Amendment

As a responsible firearm owner Michelle believes:

-It is important to maintain the citizen's right to bear Arms.