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As a proud American, Michelle will always demand:


-Housing for all homeless veterans

-Additional services for veterans who have been in combat and their families

-Lower barriers to veterans receiving quality care in their own communities

Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform


As a former law enforcement officer, Michelle believes we need to: 


- Make pay equitable and standardized pay for Law Enforcement Officers

-Demilitarize the police

-End qualified immunity

-End cash bail for petty offenses and misdemeanors

-Create a national registry of abusive cops

-Increase police training on mental health and community wellness

-Make sure police officers get mental health care themselves




As a lifelong North Carolinian, Michelle knows it's time to:

-Create economic opportunities in Black communities

-Create economic opportunities in rural communities

-Incentives for small businesses in rural and black communities. 

-Give tax incentives for U.S. businesses to bring jobs back from overseas

-Expand broadband access in poor and rural communities

-Produce more goods and services here in the United States.

-Ensure there is adequate affordable housing in all communities. 



As someone who grows food for families in need and teaches people how to grow their own food Michelle believes:

-We should be working on getting inflation down. 

- The US needs to become energy independent. 

-Reduce Gas Taxes and generate energy in the US

-Increase US Agriculture and Food Production

-It's time to create networks of local food sources to that communities and food systems can be resilient and sustainable.



As an educator, Michelle knows it's important for:

-Teachers and ALL people to earn a living wage

-The accurate teaching of ALL our histories

-Parental involvement in the education of their children from Pre-K to high school

-Students to have the freedom to pursue their dreams

-Students to have access to all books through our libraries

-Tax breaks for homeschool families




As a passionate environmentalist and former National Park Ranger, Michelle will fight for: 


-Clean Water

- A low carbon future, working toward net zero emission targets

-Incentives for companies to set net-zero targets

-Agricultural industry reform

-Polluters to clean up the communities they have harmed and pay restitution to communities and families. 




As a daughter and a sister, Michelle will bring legislation to ensure:


-Ensure access to mental healthcare resources in all communities

-Equal access to quality healthcare for everyone 

-Greater access to maternal healthcare

-That women and men have and maintain access to reproductive healthcare services (contraceptives, vasectomies, abortion)

-That Big Pharma is held responsible for its continued contribution to the opiate addiction crisis

-Mental healthcare expansion, because prisons shouldn’t be the largest provider of mental healthcare in this country


As a citizen that loves our great Country Michelle believes:

-Immigration reform is necessary that includes: 

-Securing the borders

-Reducing the number of migrants that enter the country via lottery until 

migrants in the system have been processed (As of June 2022 there is a backlog of 8.8 million cases)

-Increasing the number of agents processing case backlogs to ensure timely processing of immigration applications

Second Amendment

As a responsible firearm owner and former Law Enforcement Officer Michelle believes:

-It is important to maintain the citizen's right to bear Arms. 

-Sensible gun legislation will keep our children and our communities safe.

-Universal Background Checks. 

-It is necessary to invest in ending firearms trafficking. 

As an educator, pastor, and builder of bridges

Michelle does not believe in discrimination against any group of people because of age, race, religion (or lack thereof), ethnicity, ability or differing ability, nationality, gender, sexuality, gender expression, or whom you voted for or didn't vote for in the past. 



Michelle believes in affirming the dignity and humanity of all people. 

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